4 Ways to Make Business Travel More Enjoyable

In an effort to blur the lines between business and pleasure, try these four tips for making business travel more enjoyable.

From long flights and unfamiliar cities to networking and meeting deadlines, business travel can be exhausting. While a conference room probably isn’t your ideal vacation destination, there is no reason you shouldn’t carve out some time for yourself and take advantage of being on the road.

1. Keep Up with Routine

Stick with obvious routines such as waking up at a consistent time and adhering to your usual health and beauty regimens, but also consider the routines that promote your mental well-being. You don’t have to deprive yourself from guilty pleasures either. In fact, traveling long distances gives you the perfect opportunity to read a new book or catch up on your favourite Netflix series that you otherwise wouldn’t have time to do.

2. Tour the City

Be a tourist and get to know the city that you are in. Most big cities offer free walking tours. In these cases, the tour guides often work off of tips so you know that they are going to be informative and entertaining guides (just don’t forget to tip at the end). If you’re unable to find an organized tour, simply ask a local to point you toward a scenic route and start walking. Biking is also a great way of becoming familiar with a new city. You’ll be able to see more in a shorter period of time, and many European cities are very bike friendly. Business may be requiring you to be in this city but it’s up to you to make the most of it.

3. Seek Out What the City Does Best

Along the lines of touring the city, seek out what this town does best. Do the locals boast that the restaurant down the street makes the world’s best pizza? Does the internet claim that you can’t get an espresso better than what they serve at the cafe that just happens to be located in the town you’re visiting? Harness the power of the internet (or the power of human to human interaction) and find out what the town you’re visiting is known for and get in on the action.

4. Collect Souvenirs

Souvenirs don’t have to be snow globes, keychains, or other commercial items that take up space. While we encourage the support of local small business and see the value in purchasing something truly unique and handcrafted that you may not be able to find back home, your collection could also be of pictures and experiences. If you love visiting museums, make sure to snap a photo of yourself at a neighboring gallery. Love gardens and parks? Inquire about nearby parks and take a walk once you’ve fulfilled your work commitments for the day. Explore the culinary scene and make your stay memorable.

Do you often travel for business? We want to hear how you make business trips more enjoyable. Share your business travel experiences in the comments below.

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